Bali Homes: Indonesia Homes, Bali and Beyond

Bali Homes: Indonesia Homes for all Budgets and Lifestyles

Bali Homes in the most beautiful place of the world

Bali homes near the beach and Indonesia homes at great prices!

Bali homes are a dream for many Australians, Americans and Europeans. Asians themselves love Indonesia homes because you can buy such large homes at low prices and the property taxes are miniscule compared to the rest of the world.

I’ve traveled throughout Indonesia from Sumatra to Papua (formerly called Irian Jaya) and always love visiting Indonesia. Bali is a gorgeous island with rich culture, exquisite architecture, magnificent beauty and lovely people.

The Bali homes are modern, comfortable and yet unique built in keeping with Balinese architecture and culture. Indonesia homes are way less expensive than anything you’d find in Australia or the United States. The surf, beaches and tropical paradise of Indonesia – the world’s largest archipelago comprising over 16,000 is unparalleled on earth.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, beach parties, barbecues, island life and quiet spas provide something for everybody. Activity, beauty and serenity these are what you will find in Bali and throughout Indonesia.

I truly feel like I left my heart in Indonesia I so fell in love with the country.

Paul F Davis – Global Properties Specialist and World Traveler for Bali, Indonesia