Clear Tech Support – Clear Tech Support Help with Internet Connection

clear tech support

Clear Tech Support is here! I have been on the phone with clear tech support for a month now and most of the clear tech support reps are level one and lame. They ask you personal information, verify your are a paying user and burn 30 minutes or more of your time. I know because clear tech support has eaten up 12 to 15 hours of my time. The only two clear tech support reps who partially knew what they were talking about were in Pensacola, Florida. Many clear tech support, if not most clear tech support in Pensacola, FL are the level two guys or higher ups who know a bit more than the two month entry level clear tech support folks who interrogate you for 30 minutes when you first call.

So here is what I learned through a series of questions with clear tech support to finally figure out how to work their internet connection here in New York City, which I was told would be 4G but only works at 3G speed – go figure! And I pay $60 a month for what I can get in FL for $40 or less with Brighthouse.

Nevertheless to help you out, clear tech support clues to get a breakthrough and restore your internet connection:

1. Go to start, settings, internet options, connections, and remove the 3G from inside the box, then click ok (apparently this causes clear internet connection to mess up somehow, as Sprint services Clear via net and phone connections – weird, but works for me)

2. Go to the Clear internet connection box that pops up on lower right hand of your screen and click Help, Diagnostics, Reset 3G …then wait while it resets.

Again I went through hell to get bits and pieces from clear tech support reps until I finally figured out how to make this work.

Before that I began with a rectangular clear internet connection device…. which the first clear tech support guy on the phone said they unloaded the crap in the wharehouse to get rid of and send me, which he said, “I’ll fed ex you the newer device. You will have it by tomorrow.” It arrived 6 days later.

Then I had more drama with it – error 678 and error 680 and 860 ..weird error messages ….one about drivers, etc. …which one clueless clear tech support guy told me “You need new drivers on your computer.”

Nonsense because I access wireless from other connections in town – NYU, coffee shops, etc. just not from lame clear internet connections with malfunctioning software they have yet to fix and get the demons out of.

Anyhow hope the 2 steps help and when you need real estate anywhere on earth …let me know as I’ve been to 60 countries and traveling and living well is what I do.